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Mr Eazy
1953 Rooms all over Italy
28 University cities
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  • Apartments completely renovated and in compliance
  • “Zero Deposit” Format
  • Single rooms only
  • Zero agency fees
  • No Utility bills
  • Access to the Club Stanza Semplice®
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Mr Eazy

Solution “key in hand”

All-inclusive format
Our mission? Semplify the life of students. We from Stanza Semplice® provide rooms for rent for students and we are at your side to make your university time straightforward and happy.
. Choosing the rightaccommodation is fundamental: it is the place where you will prepare for your exams experience intense and vibrant times.
For this reason we have selected for you the best rooms in the most significant Italian universities cities.
No stress: you study, we provide you with the ideal room with eco-friendly optics, close to the university and to the public transport.
. No deposit: with our All-Inclusive format you get everything you need without any bureaucratic problems or surprises.


In the most central and key areas of the Italian university cities
Since 2012 has Stanza Semplice® simplified life for all university students who need housing.
Sleep, study and make friends

We know what it means to be a university student.

On the one hand the good fortune to enjoy a wonderful period of your life, on the other hand the commitment and responsibility to achieve academic results on time

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Those who relied on us have experienced a year without problems!