Our cities

University cities in which we have rooms for rent to students

There are many university towns in Italy. We at Stanza Semplice have selected the most prominent universities in the country and at each one we offer single rooms for rent suitable for your needs as a student: modern, comfortable, near your university and the most important and useful points of the city.
Search for your city, take a look and easily find the apartment that will accompany you during your adventure at university!
Finding the right room, in fact, is important: our apartments are located in strategic areas which will allow you to move around and to get to your university easily, without wasting precious time. We are lucky: We live in a country where we have a choice among many prestigious universities. Sometimes, however, it is not always so easy to find accommodation that is comfortable and, above all, without problems. We at Stanza Semplice are here to make your task easier, making your search clear, fast, and smart.
. Take advantage of the selection we have already made for you: wandering around the Italian university cities we have discovered the best apartments, selecting them and adapting them to what we think are your student needs. From the north to the south of Italy, the choice we offer is wide and embraces many possibilities. We are sure you will be satisfied!