About us

Our mission

Yes, we want to make your life easier. Why? Because we were once students too and we want you to be happy. A bit utopian? Maybe, but we want to try and we want to do it with you, if you choose to rely on us at Stanza Semplice®. 
Throughout the years, you will remember your time at university: why should you have a bad memory? Our hope is that this will not happen, which is why our motto is #happystudents.

How many properties are there around our cities that could easily be reused and reused again? Our mission is also a real estate mission: we want to recover and restore old properties and give a new light to the beautiful historic centres of our cities. 

We have a green soul. This is because we are convinced that loving our planet means loving ourselves. For this reason, we never use bad or contaminating products in the renovation of our apartments. We follow the criteria of the international standard LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). We are careful using green materials, but not only, we are also looking for suppliers who share the same mentality as ours.
Our properties are always focused on a way of life that respects nature and therefore situated close to strategic points where it is possible to use collective mobility services. 

Our vision

When you come to study in Italy, you must always keep a good memory of Italy. This is a wonderful country and we do not say this only because we are biased. We would like to help you experience incredible moments in our incredible country and, above all, to study at your best! Forget any doubts you may have about your accommodation: with Stanza Semplice® you will never have to worry about it. That we guarantee you. 
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